Monday, February 8, 2016

Restart #4

OK.  ONCE AGAIN, I am making a fresh start.  This is restart #4, I believe.  This is getting ridiculous—I started WW back in July, went through a 19-week session where I lost 9 pounds but gained it back by the end, renewed for a second 19-week session of which I am now about 14 weeks into (holidays that fall on Mondays don’t count because we don’t meet when it’s a work holiday) and as of today I am down a whopping 0.2 from my original starting weight!  Like I said in a previous post (I think--maybe that was my other blog), I am tired of paying all this money and not really making much of an effort to actually follow the program.  So today I am not only making a fresh start, but I am recommitting to following the program, namely by diligently tracking my points, making better food choices and upping my activity.  Game on!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This Week is a Lost Cause

Reboot #4 will commence on Monday.  Meanwhile I decided to get rid of the last of the leftover birthday cake.  This weekend I will plan out my meals for next week and grocery shop.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reboot #3

Once again I am making a fresh start as of today and I am going to continue to keep track of how many times I start over.  I'm very curious to see how many restarts I have by the end of the year.
Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that one of my goals for February is to blog everyday.

Monday, February 1, 2016


It's been a little over a month and in that time I lost 3.6 pounds and gained back 3.4.  Typical, typical.  I was doing good last week, too, until we went to dinner Saturday night after skiing (and I didn't even ski.  I was just there to help Paul with the girls, getting all their equipment rented and put on and what-not) and I couldn't stop eating chips and salsa.  Then on Sunday I dug some of the birthday cake out of the freezer even though I knew my mother-in-law was probably going to bring something over (they came to celebrate my birthday belated because they had been on a cruise).  Then we went out to dinner and I had fries with my salmon burger.  Then I was mostly back on track today until after work I had to make a stop at Target and I was starving and craving Cheetos real bad so I bought a bag and ate half of it (or maybe a little more than half--should have just bought a small bag) on the way home.  I will plan better the rest of the week and have better snack options so I'm not starving when I leave work.  Here are my February goals:
  • Weigh less on March 1st than I did today
  • Actually follow the WW plan
  • Exercise 2X/week (min)
  • Finish my current book, read another and start a third (#5 for the year)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reboot #2

Yesterday was my Weight Watcher’s weigh-in day.  I did not have a good week.  I had bought my birthday cake at Costco the weekend before, knowing that I wasn’t going to be back there again before my birthday.  The plan was to have a piece that night and put the rest in the freezer until my birthday, which I did.  But then I kept taking some out throughout the week because I love cake and just couldn’t resist and while sometimes I’m super motivated and can resist anything, even cake, last week was not one of those times.  And then there was a fabulous dinner out and other splurges.  So I knew it was going to be bad, so I skipped the weigh-in and just went to the meeting.  But I did weigh at home in the morning and yes, it was bad.  Starting December 28th, I lost 3.6 pounds by January 8th, and as of yesyetday, true to form, I had done nothing but gain back 3.8.  But I re-weighed today and was down 1.4.
On a good note, I got a Fitbit for my birthday and now I’m all motivated to move more and get lots of steps in.  I also finally got gym access at work, which I think will be much more convenient and I’ll be much more likely to go than when I have to go all the way home first, eat dinner because it’s already 6:30 and I’m starving, and then try to drag myself to the Y.  We’ll see how it goes.
I'm tired of paying all this money and not really trying hard enough to actually follow the plan, or even just my own plan and just use WW for motivation and support (I know what and what not to eat without tracking points).  I have until late March to get my act together and get my money's worth so hopefully I can step it up!  Literally, now that I have my Fitbit!


Today is Day 2 of 2nd reboot.  I did my first workout at the gym at work last night.  I wanted to do week 1 of C25K but my new sports bra is too big thus not at all supportive so running was a bit painful, so I ended up mostly walking.  I will wear my old bra next time until I can get another new one (too late to exchange it as I’ve already worn it twice.  I’ll just use it for yoga or other low-impact stuff).
Anyway, today I ate:
Breakfast:  scrambled egg and 1 piece of sprouted grain toast. Coffee with half and half
Snack:  Snapea Crisps
Lunch:  Amy’s Light and Lean Black Bean and cheese enchilada, apple
Snacks:  yogurt, almonds
Dinner: Tilapia, broccoli and carrots.  But I had to thaw the tilapia in the microwave before I cooked it and it didn't turn out very good so I only ate about half of it.
Treat: One Starburst and one square caramel (like those Kraft caramels but not Kraft).

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Never Mind

I had more cake last night and again this morning.  I will be good the rest of today and start re-boot #2 tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reboot #1

Well, as is typical I pretty much fell off the wagon last week.  As of Saturday though I hadn't gained, maybe even lost a tiny bit (I had already drank some water and coffee when I weighed so it's hard to say).  Then we went to Costco on Sunday and I bought my birthday cake with the intention of having a little bit that night and then freezing the rest until next weekend (my birthday is the 24th).  I did have a little that night and put most of it in the freezer but I ran out of containers so there was still some in the fridge yesterday and I ended up eating quite a bit of it.  So today I am getting back on track.  Re-boot #1 out of several, probably.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 2 Recap

As of last Friday I was down 3.6 pounds.  Then when I got home from work Friday evening after running an errand I was starving and hubby had bought pizza for dinner.  Not too big of a deal, I only had 2 slices.  Then a neighbor brought over some date pecan bars.  No biggie, I had one and that was going to be it for the day.  I figured I could just let that be my "splurge day".  Then on Saturday I bought jelly beans because I was just craving them and hadn't had any in awhile.  So I ended up eating a lot of jelly beans as well as some other candy (still have Halloween candy laying around) plus more date pecan bars over the weekend and then today I was up 1.2 pounds.  Still down 2.4 since starting, though.  So I just need to re-focus and get back on track.
My current mini goal is to get to 5 pounds by the first, so 2.2 more.  Totally doable.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stitch Fix

I want to do Stitch Fix so bad but I need to lose at least 10 pounds or so.  They only go to size 14.  I can sometimes wear a 14 but I am mostly a 16.

I did Gwennie Bee for awhile and liked it OK but took a break to save some money.  I might go back for awhile until I can fit in Stitch Fix stuff.  And now would be a good time because I seemed to have better luck with the winter stuff than the summer stuff.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 1 Recap

As of Monday I was one week into my latest weight loss journey and down 3.2 pounds.  The first week is always the easiest!  Hopefully I can stay motivated and keep moving in the right direction.
One thing I haven't mentioned yet is that I am actually doing Weight Watchers.  I started back in July when they started having meetings at work and I am now in my 2nd 17-week session.  In all of that time I lost 9 pounds in 3 months, gained most of it back, lost a little more and then finally regained that to finish the year exactly where I started.  And it's not that WW doesn't work, I just haven't been following the program and I've just been continuing to eat too much chocolate and other bad stuff.  But now I'm just pretending those first 6 months or so didn't exist and I'm starting completely over. 

Health and Fitness Resolutions

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to lose weight, obviously, that's why I have this blog, but I have several mini-resolutions under the health/fitness/weight loss category:
  • Greatly reduce my sugar consumption.
  • Exercise more (I used to be a regular exerciser but now that I'm a working mother it is really hard to find time).
  • No fast food all year.  I don't eat much fast food anyway, but I'm going to see if I can go all year without any.
  • Don't buy large bags of chocolate/candy.  I like to have chocolate or candy around for the occasional treat, and sometimes can be good and stay out of it for a long time and really only have it for an occasional treat, but most of the time I end up binging on it.  So I was going to see how long I could go without buying any chocolate at all, but changed my official goal to just not buying anything more than the occasional single serving.  Got to be real.
  • Eat as clean and whole as possible.  It's super hard to eat 100% clean, especially when you don't have much time to cook, but if I can just improve a little that will be a start.
  • Be more consistent with meal planning.  I always do best when I plan my meals ahead of time and have all the right stuff on hand.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

So Far

It's been a weird week, what with birthday parties and New Year's Eve and all, but I was still down a whopping 0.2 this morning (I'll take it, considering).  Today we had another family function at a restaurant.  I think that will be it for awhile, until my birthday on the 24th.  I'm looking forward to getting back to normal come Monday.