Friday, March 31, 2017

Starting Over Again

I've been horrible since my last post.  This is such a hard time of year.  I know it's no excuse but it is.  My birthday, Valentine's Day, the girls' birthday, Girl Scout cookie season, Paul's birthday and Easter.  Ugh.  Last Saturday we went out to dinner with friends at the Melting Pot to celebrate Paul's 50th birthday, then on Sunday we went to his parent's to celebrate with them and instead of his mom baking a cake herself like she usually does they had bought a Costco cake which, a) I absolutely LOVE and b) they are huge, so we ended up bringing a bunch home.  I tried to freeze a bunch of it but took some out to thaw on Tuesday, Paul's actual birthday, so we could have some on the actual day and sing and everything, but then we just kept eating it every day until it was gone.

Anyway.  The only thing left now is Easter, and tomorrow is the first of a brand new month so it's time to get serious.  I really want to lose at least 10 pound by mid-July.

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