Monday, February 8, 2016

Restart #4

OK.  ONCE AGAIN, I am making a fresh start.  This is restart #4, I believe.  This is getting ridiculous—I started WW back in July, went through a 19-week session where I lost 9 pounds but gained it back by the end, renewed for a second 19-week session of which I am now about 14 weeks into (holidays that fall on Mondays don’t count because we don’t meet when it’s a work holiday) and as of today I am down a whopping 0.2 from my original starting weight!  Like I said in a previous post (I think--maybe that was my other blog), I am tired of paying all this money and not really making much of an effort to actually follow the program.  So today I am not only making a fresh start, but I am recommitting to following the program, namely by diligently tracking my points, making better food choices and upping my activity.  Game on!

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