Monday, February 1, 2016


It's been a little over a month and in that time I lost 3.6 pounds and gained back 3.4.  Typical, typical.  I was doing good last week, too, until we went to dinner Saturday night after skiing (and I didn't even ski.  I was just there to help Paul with the girls, getting all their equipment rented and put on and what-not) and I couldn't stop eating chips and salsa.  Then on Sunday I dug some of the birthday cake out of the freezer even though I knew my mother-in-law was probably going to bring something over (they came to celebrate my birthday belated because they had been on a cruise).  Then we went out to dinner and I had fries with my salmon burger.  Then I was mostly back on track today until after work I had to make a stop at Target and I was starving and craving Cheetos real bad so I bought a bag and ate half of it (or maybe a little more than half--should have just bought a small bag) on the way home.  I will plan better the rest of the week and have better snack options so I'm not starving when I leave work.  Here are my February goals:
  • Weigh less on March 1st than I did today
  • Actually follow the WW plan
  • Exercise 2X/week (min)
  • Finish my current book, read another and start a third (#5 for the year)

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