Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Today is Day 2 of 2nd reboot.  I did my first workout at the gym at work last night.  I wanted to do week 1 of C25K but my new sports bra is too big thus not at all supportive so running was a bit painful, so I ended up mostly walking.  I will wear my old bra next time until I can get another new one (too late to exchange it as I’ve already worn it twice.  I’ll just use it for yoga or other low-impact stuff).
Anyway, today I ate:
Breakfast:  scrambled egg and 1 piece of sprouted grain toast. Coffee with half and half
Snack:  Snapea Crisps
Lunch:  Amy’s Light and Lean Black Bean and cheese enchilada, apple
Snacks:  yogurt, almonds
Dinner: Tilapia, broccoli and carrots.  But I had to thaw the tilapia in the microwave before I cooked it and it didn't turn out very good so I only ate about half of it.
Treat: One Starburst and one square caramel (like those Kraft caramels but not Kraft).

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