Sunday, February 1, 2015

Month 2

First of all, go Hawks!  Today is Superbowl Sunday and the Seahawks are making a re-PETE appearance!

Anyway, as of a few weeks ago I was down 6.2 pounds.  But like always, I have gained most of it back.  The good news is I didn't gain it ALL back, just 4.2 pounds, so I am still 2 pounds less today than I was at the start of January (or late December, actually).  If I can consistently lose just 2 pounds a month I'll be doing a lot better than I've done in the last 4 years.

I am attributing the gain to all the football parties that have taken place over the last few weeks as the Seahawks have won their way to today's Superbowl, plus my birthday last week (dinner out, cake, etc.).  Anyway, time to get back on track (after today, of course), before I gain the other 2 pounds (and maybe more) back.

My goal for February is to lose 4.6 pounds.

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